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Join us for an exciting podcast focusing on vetted innovative,  holistic, and integrative approaches to brain health and aging. Host Brian Browne, a national brain health expert discusses and interviews top experts covering wide-ranging topics focusing on his B-10: Principles for Brain Health®.

Brian is passionate about sharing innovative ideas, rethinking prevention, treatment, and brain health. This podcast is created to give you the tools and knowledge needed to assist you in aging well whether you’re thirty-seven, fifty-seven, or eighty-seven.




Brian Browne is the host of the Brain Health 365 Podcast. Brian Browne is the president of Cognitive Care Management and the Editor of Dementia Care News. Brian is a cognitive scientist and neuro-nutritionist and possesses over 20 years of expertise in the fields of aging, dementia, clinical research, and nutrition. He is a noted public speaker and a frequent lecturer at meetings and conferences regionally and nationally.

Brian has been featured by many media outlets and produces regular content for various publications.  His research interests include examining the role of nutrition and other modifiable risk factors to reduce the risk for cognitive decline and dementia.

Brian’s academic appointments have included Midwestern University. He consults for a number of public and private entities in various capacities.

Brain Health 365 Podcast Philosophy

The relationships between our brain and body and the world around us are complex. What you do or don’t do can significantly change your health, wellbeing, and quality of life.  A healthy brain is determined by both biological and physiological factors — genes, hormones, the immune system, nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle choices.

Everyone wants to live an active, vibrant life for as long as possible. That goal depends on our ability to achieve robust brain health. You can’t do much about your genes, but other physiological, social and environmental factors can be modified to improve your brain function and brain health.

Our brains naturally decline if we do nothing to protect them. However, if we intervene, we can slow the decline process — it’s easier to protect a healthy brain than to try to repair a damaged one.

How do we reduce our risk for abnormal aging, cognitive decline or Alzheimer’s and other dementias?  What types of preventive and innovative research are going on? How do we create a roadmap for healthy brain aging?  


Let’s journey together with this podcast towards optimal brain health, 365 days a year.


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